So, what's Bleeve doing?

We use data & algorithms to make homes energy neutral

Bleeve is a independent marketplace for solar, heating&cooling and insulation with the competitive advantage of applying E-commerce methods in a traditional industry. Together with a team of engineers, IT developers and online marketeers we're developing an algorithm based tool where homeowners can learn what measurements make sense for their particular home. The algorithm uses (a lot of) open data, satellite images and data points entered by the user. 

We work with a fast growing network of installers and local craftsman. Simply ask for a quote, compare and choose the right installer. The installers are reviewed by the community - AirBNB style - and when homeowners book trough the Bleeve platform they're automatically covered by insurance in case of any trouble.

In other words: Bleeve brings homeowners simplicity and trust while upgrading their home with solar, heating&cooling or insulation.

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Some pitches

Robin about our culture

And personality traits we (don't) look for

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"At Bleeve we have a big focus on our company culture. You spend the majority of your life with the people you work with, so it better be good. Our team consists of people with a shared passion for combining purpose with profit and entrepreneurship with combating climate change.

We consider ourselves humble. We have a 'no-jerk policy': No ego's who only take care for themselves. As a team we don't take ourselves too seriously. Within our team, each opinion is highly valued; our organizational structure is very flat. In return for freedom and autonomy we ask for commitment, high quality of work and a 'get it done' mentality.

Bleeve is a startup. That means that we're working very hard towards one common goal we strongly believe in: making homes warm, safe and energy neutral. One home, street or neighborhood at a time.

We look for learning junkies that are self directive. Our team is very diverse with 'remarkable' people: exceptional skills and (strange) hobbies. But above all, we're driven by combining purpose and profit in a startup: do you help us to make every home fossil free?"

- Robin (Product Owner)

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer at Bleeve

  • Autonomy - freedom to work the way you're most productive; we focus on output (not on input)
  • Personal development - strong focus on mentorship and personal learning goals
  • Purpose - help homeowners to become independent of external fossil fuels
  • Rockstart community - benefit from the network of one of Europe's top tech ecosystems
  • Free lunch & coffee - daily biological lunch, Monday morning breakfast and superb coffee
  • Equity plans - opportunity to get a stake in the company

Let's have a drink

Or two

Our offices

Herengracht 182 (Rockstart building)